Each terrarium is one-of-a-kind and is created in conjunction with the client (i.e., the shape of the terrarium, the plants, etc.). I think "bespoke" is the best way to describe the terrariums. "Bespoke" (a term of British derivation) means custom-made and originally referred to men's custom-tailored clothing. Essentially, "bespoke" connotes the level of customization and client involvement in the creation of the terrarium.

Aside from custom-made glass cubes, I was not able to find vessels I liked for my plantings. So, I decided to create my own hand blown shapes. I have always admired artists Anish Kapoor, and Dale Chihuly who work with organic and biomorphic shapes. I am inspired by shapes found in nature such as gourds, pebbles, mushrooms, fungi, legumes, and beans.

I hope to provide the truest representation of nature using the Taoist principles of proportion and scale... staying true to elements that one would find in nature. These miniature landscapes are enhanced within complementary containers.

More like miniature landscape design, I hope you enjoy these self-contained environments. Each represents a place you have seen or somewhere you have yet to visit, either the floor of a forest in the northwest, a Zen garden in Japan, a South American tropical rain forest, or a wetland bog.



The entire process is bespoke...
We collaborate on a shape for the terrarium as well as a planting scheme.
The terrarium is hand-blown.
I plant it and watch over it for a few months to make sure it's thriving and learn its care.
Once I hand the terrarium over to the client, I make weekly visits for about a month or until the client is comfortable caring for the terrarium.

If you live in the New York City area, I will create your terrarium and you can either pick it up or I can deliver it if you live in one of the five New York City boroughs.

If you live outside the New York City area, your bespoke terrarium can be shipped with step-by-step instructions with pictures. All items (soil, decorative layers) are individually bagged and labeled for easy step-by-step assembly.



Care for the terrarium is simple. I plant and keep the terrarium for a few weeks to make certain that all of the plants are established and thriving. Once handed off to you, I'll give specific instructions on how often to water.

All Designs Copyright Jeffrey James Modern Terrariums.